Sergio  Stumpo

Economist with extensive experience, he has participated in more than 60 socio-economic, tourist and cultural development projects in Europe, Central and South America. He worked with international organizations (Inter-American Development Bank, United Nations, etc.) and as a consultant for the "Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri" (the Italian Government). He has also been a Professor of Tourist Economy at the University of Cassino (Italy).

Vincenzo  Zappino

Economist with international experience in sustainable tourism and economic development. Vincenzo has actively participated in more than 60 development projects focusing his activities on the development and strengthening of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise tourism networks overall the world. He mainly works with national and local governments, private stakeholders and multilateral organizations (World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, United Nations, European Commission).

Christian  Nigro

Software engineer specialized in concurrent/distributed systems analysis & development with a lot of experience in building web/mobile applications. He has partecipated in many international projects about tourism (SmartDMO, Toumake), augmented reality in Android OS and self defense of museum statues through sensors (eg. MAB of Cosenza, 2015). He has experience in databases development & management and he has contributed to several scientific publications.

Daniele Orlando  Renzetti

Daniele has extensive experience as a Web Concept Designer, Web Designer and Graphic Designer. He has participated in the conception and development of numerous projects for the Web in both Italy and the rest of Europe. He has experience in the planning, design and implementation of websites. As well as extensive experience in marketing and communication strategies, search engine optimization.

Biagio  Crudo

Biagio has extensive experience working with Destination Management Organisations and tourism ecosystems and their important role within the Toumake® platform. He manages the control and testing of the platform, data uploading for the destinations involved and client communications.

Lourdes Regules  Santisteban

Lourdes has extensive experience in coordinating programs for networks in Europe, Central America and South America. She has been involved in several tourism development projects with multilateral organizations including Inter-American Development Bank and the European Commission, Public Institutions and private stakeholders.

Clare  Anderson

Clare has experience in working in tourism development programs in Europe and Africa. She has been involved in several tourism development projects with multilateral organizations including Inter-American Development Bank and the European Commission, Public Institutions and private stakeholders.

Domenico  Rositano

Accountant and expert in the creation of new businesses and startups. He has managed several tourism projects including SmartDMO, a tourist platform for creating an integrated tourist offer thanks to social media.

Paola  Licata

Junior economist specialized in Economics and Management. Her decennial experience as technical director of a Travel Agency made her a valuable element in several projects about Digital Tourism, for which she developed considerable experience in the Tourism Business Networks field.

Dario  Vita

Economist with experience in socio-economic development for local networks and particular aptitude for being able to support companies in their business operations. He worked in the European institutions for the definition of policies to aid development of local enterprise systems.

Toumake’s mission is to enable long-term sustainable development of any tourist destination, through the activation of specific market actions and data management of tourist flow for proper market planning.

Basically, Toumake considers tourism as an economic multiplier, in order for this to happen the involvement of several actors of the same territory is needed. Toumake is a technology intended to multiply the economic impact of a tourist destination, developing and organizing the whole tourism ecosystem.

This is accomplished through the aggregation of the tourism actors of the entire chain, from the offer making to the marketing of tourist services. In fact they would hardly be able to be competitive alone and to achieve a sufficient flow of tourists to ensure their long-term economic sustainability.

Toumake is an innovation process, in which actors operating on the same destination put theirselves in the network to share information with a coopetitive (cooperational & competitive) approach. This means each participating company keeps competing with the others to always improve and innovate the quality of its service and at the same time it keeps working with the same companies to be more competitive in the tourism market.